Ambrose Bot

Antispam and cyber-security in one bundle, nice!

The easiest anti-spam bot, backed by a developer who knows his craft and spiced up with some cyber security commands.

Feature 01


Antispam trusted by thousands of end user's and developers alike.
Will you be the next?

Feature 02


Tired of overly complicated setups and shit you don't want?
Ambrose removes the hassle, only enabling the things you want and silently ignoring the rest.

Feature 03


Ever wanted to know which websites your friends had accounts on?
I have, so I made it a discord bot.

Feature 04

Overkill Customization

Tired of having the ability to change basically nothing?
With Ambrose, almost everything can be customized to your needs.

Feature 05

Anti Link

Moderation @ the next level.
Record all links sent in your discord, ignoring specific urls or entire domains.

Feature 06

Great Support

Forget shitty support.
If your having issues, you get to talk directly with the developer to resolve them.

Unlimited for all

Fuck paywalls, Ambrose's features are available to all.
Premium just helps pay the bills while offering some extras for those who wish to support the bot.

$Meh /month
What you will get
  • Extra Antispam option saves.
    An easy way to set up configs for during a pesky raid.
  • Extra Anti Link whitelists.
    (default) not enough whitelisted links for you? Here, have (num) more.
  • Looking for some changes to how things work on the bot?
    Lets chat.
  • Idk, suggest a premium feature you'd like :)

Still not convinced?